Mapping and Visualization

Mavis is a UAV photogrammetry and mapping software covering the entire workflow from single UAV images to GIS ready maps. Mavis comprises precise georeferencing, on-site image analysis and stitching, image preprocessing, the generation of digital surface models and orthophotos, color post-processing, the computation of vegetation indices, as well as the generation HTML reports including WebGL 3D models.


Mavis provides a simple workflow to build georeferenced orthomosaics from single UAV images

Surface Models

Mavis provides GIS ready high resolution digital surface and hillshade models

  • SAGA GIS *.sdat format
  • Image density maps
  • Hillshade models


Mavis supports several options for precise georeferencing


Mavis generates HTML reports

  • UAV mission and image set information
  • Downloadable results
  • 3D WebGL models
  • Example report

Vegetation Indices

Mavis provides 15 Vegetation Indices based on different filters and camera setups

  • NDVI, DVI, EVI, ...
  • Red, blue and dual band filters
  • Single or dual camera setups

Agrowing Support

Mavis provides full support for the Agrowing QX1 camera

  • Preprocessing
  • Dual orthomosaics
  • Vegetation indices

Color Processing

Mavis provides 15 color manipulation and image filters to enhance and correct images and to extract information

  • Contrast, white balance, and gamma correction
  • Decorrelation stretch
  • Gaussian, median, and mean-shift filters


Mavis provides automatic color calibration for consistent NDVI analysis

  • Automatic X-Rite ColorChecker® Classic detection
  • Automatic white balance and reflectance calibration
  • RGB, NGB, RGN, NGN filter support

User Guide

Features, Requirements, Mapping Guidelines, KAPTURE, etc.

Example Report

HTML report, 3D WebGL model


VI look-up-tables, Camera parameters


News, Information, Research




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